About outboardstore

About us

Starting life in my mums garden, Outboard Store has been a journey that started in January 2020 very much by accident when I tried to create some furniture for my own flat. Growing steadily during lockdown, the business quickly surpassed my personal capacity to fulfil all of the orders. Right now, we are a small team based in Lewes, East Sussex.


Our Ethos

Currently too many companies are wasteful in the way they run their business in order to place priority on profits. Our plan as a company as we grow is to practice environmentally friendly habits that helps us to look after our planet for the future. We currently do this by using responsibly sourced materials and making sure our waste is kept to a minimum. We also use non toxic and natural finishing products.


Where are we going?

As much as I would love to have the answers for this section, I am afraid I have absolutely no idea! I think a big part of the charm that comes with a small local business is the connection we are able to have with our customers and clients. Moving forward, our priority is to keep providing excellent service and making sure our products are of high quality. We will keep on operating locally and across the UK and continue to grow steadily.